Twelve mouthpieces, 120 fingers, 304 keys – but just one aim: to play their hearts out! At each of its concerts the Belgian Saxophone Ensemble tries to create a unique unrepeatable world of sound with which the audience feels completely involved. Twelve passionate individuals have found each other through a shared desire to play the latest acoustic music, and they want you to be part of it.


When Adolphe Sax built his first saxophone his aim was to create a wind instrument that could match the melodic versatility of stringed instruments. He succeeded! The saxophone is an instrument with enormous scope for expression. From the bass saxophone all the way through to the sopranino, there is an unbelievably broad range of musical colours. If you then add in all the percussive effects, you can do more or less anything with this wonderful instrument. The musicians in the Belgian Saxophone Ensemble have full mastery of all aspects of their instruments, and demonstrate their skill with acrobatic ease.


Director of the Belgian Saxophone Ensemble is Cezariusz Gadzina. He created the group from scratch and has led it for many years, earning the title of European Cultural Ambassador. None of the standard stylistic labels apply to the music. The repertoire is drawn from the widest possible range of genres, but with great care to allow the Ensemble scope to demonstrate its own special artistic qualities to the full.


For this reason, several of the pieces are compositions specially written for them by modern composers, many of them Flemish. Traditionally the ensemble has followed the Greek belief in the unity of art forms, so they perform not just for the ear but for the eye too. The musicians have real theatrical presence as they stand on stage. The impressive sight of twelve different saxophonists performing together in various combinations, combined with the visual effects of modern multi-media, makes for an unforgettable spectacle.