Compact Disc – Belgian Saxophone Ensemble, HOMMAGE A SAX

  Brussels Suite (Cezariusz Gadzina)
1. From To
2. The Iris Blue
3. Polyphony of Faces
4. Brussels Maze   

5. Piece for 12 Saxophones (Jef Neve) 

    La Fuga del Sospiro (Gerard De Clercq) 
6. L’oscuro sospiro
7. Il volo libero

8. Notre-Dame (Hanne Deneire)

    Consaxations (Cezariusz Gadzina) 
9. Step Consaxation
10. Triangle Consaxation  
11. Blue Consaxation
12. Multi Consaxation
13. Air Consaxation
14. Catch Consaxation
15. Talk Consaxation
16. Fire Consaxation

Line up:

Pieter Delaere – sopranino/soprano saxophone
Peter Cverle – soprano saxophone
Andy Dhondt – soprano saxophone
Lieve De Keyser – alto saxophone
Willem Buyse – alto saxophone
Koen Knockaert – alto saxophone
Jitse Coopman – tenor saxophone
Vincent Alpaerts – tenor saxophone
Ann Verschuere – tenor saxophone
Pieter Lagacie – baritone saxophone
Fabio Di Meo – baritone saxophone
Gert Verrydt – bass saxophone

Cezariusz Gadzina – artistic director, conductor, soprano & alto saxophone

TAK Records, 2015, 15001

Solos in:
1. From To
–  Peter Cverle, soprano saxophone
–  Cezariusz Gadzina, soprano saxophone
2. The Iris Blue
–  Cezariusz Gadzina, soprano saxophone
10. Triangle Consaxation
–  Cezariusz Gadzina, alto & soprano  saxophone
11. Blue Consaxation
–  Pieter Delaere, sopranino saxophone
12. Multi Consaxation
–  Jitse Coopman, tenor saxophone
16. Fire Consaxation
–  Cezariusz Gadzina, alto  saxophone  

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